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Other Additions
Campus Facilities
Accept student applications on-campus
Generate ID Cards instantly
Process fees and print receipts and invoices

Peripheral Sales
Sell schools/college/institute related paraphernalia such as shirts, cups etc. online
Include pictures and descriptions for each item
Display multiple choices options (e.g. shirt color, size, etc)
Add limits for uploaded inventory
Auto-set 'Sold' messages to display once inventory limits are reached
Automatically calculate prices based on quantities selected
Include purchased items in registrant's total transaction

Optional Social Media Tools
Generate awareness for your school, university or education program by marketing online
Gain attention from globally situated students by social network marketing
Raise awareness and increase attendance numbers about your programs using social networking websites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Meetup, etc.
Give students about your institute's location by activating the Map tool
Make students aware about climate conditions by activating the Weather Forecast tool

Other Services
Event Customization Services* 
Surveys Services*
Mass Mailing Facilities*