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Proposals & Reports
Manage Proposals
Shortlist stalls for an exhibitor and add them to a selection list
Assign an exhibitor to the selected list
Add an exhibitor if not already existing in the database
Generate a draft proposal on the click of a button
Amend some proposal terms, if required
Create and send proposal to the exhibitor and proposed stalls are automatically reserved for the exhibitor for a pre-configure period of days
Adjacent stalls booked by the same exhibitor is automatically merged in the floor plan to show one block
Exhibitors are automatically assigned to waiting list if interested in a reserved stand
If a reserved stall is not booked within the grace period, it is automatically assigned to the first exhibitor on the waiting list
Cancel a proposal if an order has not been created and free up reserved stalls or automatically assign to an exhibitor in waiting list

Manage Orders
Set limits for your event based on number of attendees, registration types and agenda items
Set a waitlist to automatically display once registrations limit is reached
Auto-Manage your waitlists
Create and set mails to Auto-Notify attendees incase of cancellations
Set “Sold Out” messages to display automatically once the limit is reached

Sales Reports
Sales pipeline report
Conversion report by sales person
Updated stand status report
Confirmed orders/revenue report
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