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Emails & Communication
Customizable Emails
Create unlimited email templates
Customize emails using colors, graphics, logos etc.
Send personalize email content for every ticket type
Choose dates and times to send automatic reminder emails
Insert event (match, concert) information and agenda
Reuse email templates from previous events

Auto Emails
On booking, attendees receive confirmation emails  
Attendees receive notification emails incase of booking failure
You receive notification emails every time an attendee books, cancels or if there is a booking failure  
Add secondary email addresses to be notify relevant staff

Mass Mailing
Inform potential attendee’s of your match, concert using emails
Create specialized content for different target audiences
Create customized emails on an audience to audience basis
Use EventAvenue’s auto-email functionality to send out customized newsletters, event invitations and confirmation and reminder emails
Pre-schedule emails to be sent to reduce workload during the event
Automated Email feature enables you to simultaneously send multiple delegates personalized email invitations with link to registration page
Easy to import feature allows you to include multiple email ids at once

Bar Coded Emails
Use the auto-confirmation mail as an e-ticket
Insert an unique bar code into the e-ticket and track and monitor attendees easily
Generate unique bar codes using information such as the Attendee ID, which is generated during the registration process
Insert the bar code in the auto confirmation email easily and save on printing and couriering costs
Use the bar code email ticket as an alternative to creating a separate e-ticket