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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions
EventAvenue Basics Registration Solution Related Processes & Procedures
Payments & Security Accounts & Schemes
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EventAvenue Basics
What is EventAvenue?
What types of modules are available with EventAvenue?
For whom is EventAvenue suitable?
Are EventAvenue's solutions confined to a set region?
What types of payment options are available with EventAvenue?
Can you manage multiple events using EventAvenue's solutions?
Do I need to invest in any special equipment to use EventAvenue?
How does EventAvenue Event Management Software increase my ROI?
Do I need to set up bank accounts near an EventAvenue office?
Why should I choose an EventAvenue solution?
What does EventAvenue do for my organization and me?
What are the benefits of customizing my EventAvenue account?
What are the benefits of EventAvenue?
Does EventAvenue have any offline services or support infrastructure?
Registration Solution Related
What can I do with the Delegate Registrations solution?
What can I do with the Ticketing & Registrations solution?
What can I do with the Webinar Registrations solution?
What can I do with the Donation Collection solution?
What can I do with the Admission Enrollment solution?
What can I do with the Exhibitor Management solution?
Processes & Procedures
Do I need a particular system for EventAvenue to work?
How do I sign up for EventAvenue online?
How long will it take for my application to be processed? What is the procedure followed by EventAvenue after I sign up?
How much will EventAvenue's facilities cost me? Are there any hidden charges?
Payments & Security
What types of payment options are available with EventAvenue?
Is EventAvenue more secure than other payment service providers?
Authorization by secure gateways
Authentication by VeriSign
Added security with the CVM Authentication Process. What is Card Verification Method (CVM)?
Why CVM?
What level of encryption does EventAvenue use?
What is 'Verified by Visa'?
Verified By Visa
How the Verified by Visa process works
Accounts & Schemes
Once I register for either a Premium or an Economy scheme, will you send me software to install?
Whose name will appear in my exhibitors and/or attendees credit card statement?
How do banks around the world know about my name and currency?
Once, I have signed up for an EventAvenue account, can I change my account type?
How do I activate multiple currencies for my event?
If I have 3 events happening simultaneously, will I receive a report for each event or just 1 overall report of profit and loss?
I'm trying to create a virtual event but the session keeps expiring. Do I need to start the process all over again
How do I check the amount payable to me by EventAvenue?
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